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At MyPrivateHelicopter, we know that it’s easy to take for granted the safety of air travel. Thanks to a high regard for technical safety, generous oversight over the equipment used, and plentiful regulation to keep air travel as risk-free as it’s possible to make it, flying is still the safest way to travel. That does not mean, however, that we at MyPrivateHelicopter take the safety of your flight for granted. Small aircraft are a remarkably safe, efficient, and fast way to fly, especially given the ability to tailor your flight path to your schedule and destination(s).

Safety, however, goes deeper than that. The safe conduct of our passengers to and from their destinations is part of our commitment to customer service. And that means we are constantly seeing to the technical quality and overall maintenance of our fleet. But safety also doesn’t stop with the quality of the machinery being flown. We also invest in the training, licensing, and continued quality of our personnel. We hold our staff, especially our pilots, to the highest standards of personal and professional conduct. That means you can not only trust that the helicopter in which you are sitting is properly maintained, but that the man or woman behind the wheel has skills that are up to date as well. Piloting skill, after all, is perishable, like most human skills. It must be nurtured and maintained just as every other learned, trained skill.

To ensure the safety of our passengers, the proper maintenance and use of our flying equipment, and conduct of our helicopter personnel, we engage in the following ongoing program of safety checks, maintenance, and protocols:

– We maintain all of our aircraft operator safety records to the highest and most current FAA certification standards. This means constantly monitoring and updating this paperwork as needed to keep it current.

– The pilot flying your aircraft has extensive experience with that aircraft. It doesn’t matter how good a pilot is if you place him or her in an unfamiliar aircraft and then expect them to figure things out on the fly, especially if they encounter less than ideal flying conditions. Before we put a pilot in your aircraft for your charter flight, we make sure that pilot has enough hours of experience with that aircraft to be able to fly you with confidence and professionalism, come what may. When it comes to aircraft, you don’t plan for the best case. You plan for the worst, hope for the best, and double-check everything twice. That is our safety philosophy in a nutshell.

– We also make sure that your pilot is appropriately rated and certified. As the old saying goes, “Trust, but verify.” We don’t simply take it on faith that a given pilot has the experience we need; we make sure he or she is rated and certified accordingly. This extends to medical training and any and all medical requirements, because when you are aboard the aircraft, your pilot is responsible for your wellbeing. If you experience a medical emergency while aboard, you need to know that he or she has the necessary training and onboard equipment to take care of you and see to your medical distress.

– In the same vein, we maintain very strict records of any and all pilot accidents, incidents, and enforcement actions. The Department of Transportation and the FAA maintain databases of aviation safety. We will provide you with these on request so you can check the background and status of your aircraft personnel if you wish to do so. Our conduct is always professional, and our commitment to customer service demands transparency. There is no better way to serve these needs than to provide you with this documentation accordingly.

– Our personnel always work for MyPrivateHelicopter. We don’t farm your flight out to subcontractors. That means we always maintain direct operational control. That control extends to the aircraft and to the person piloting it, who must conform to our standards. A charter air service that uses subcontractors is pawning off its passengers on personnel and equipment that they do not directly own or control, and that means they cannot verify the condition of the equipment or the professional state of the operators. We avoid that problem by never using subcontractors.

– We always carry the appropriate amount of aircraft insurance. In a litigious world, especially when operating heavy equipment, and particularly when flying aircraft, the need for insurance is paramount. Rest assured that every chartered helicopter flight through MyPrivateHelicopter is properly underwritten for liability. That means you can fly worry free, confident that all the details have been taken care of.

When you fly with MyPrivateHelicopter, please do so knowing that we will always put your safety and satisfaction, your comfort and peace of mind, ahead of all other concerns. This is simply good business and, frankly, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Fly with MyPrivateHelicopter and you are getting the best.