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We pride ourselves on providing custom-designed charter helicopter solutions for our clients. No matter what your needs, we are prepared to meet them, and at competitive pricing. When you request a quote from us, give us some insight into what your specific needs will be. For example, how large is your traveling party? Where do you need to go, and from where would you like to depart? Do you need to transport luggage? All of these are factors in determining just what pricing package and support level are best for you.

When requesting a quote, keep in mind that frequency of travel increases cost, because the more you fly, the more pilot time and fuel are involved. Consult us when it comes to designing your travel schedule, too. We may be able to design for you a schedule that maximizes your benefit while minimizing flight time, thus reducing overall costs. At MyPrivateHelicopter, we are very proud of our ability to manage our customer’s various needs and provide for them the most efficient yet luxurious accommodations. After all, while travel by helicopter if you can’t enjoy yourself along the way?

What are the components of a quote that answers your needs, while providing us with the information required to accurately plan and execute your flight? Follow these simple guidelines:

– Tell us the number of people you’ll be transporting and, if possible approximate weight totals. Certain aircraft have different weight capacities than others, and of course every aircraft has a maximum number of occupants that it can carry while remaining within appropriate safety guidelines.

– Every flight begins at Point A and ends at Point B, with possible stops in between the two. We need to know what those points are and how often, within a what time period, you will need to make these trips.

– Let us know if you have significant luggage or cargo that you must transport as part of your flight. We are a passenger aircraft company, not a freight company, but we can accommodate a reasonable amount of luggage. The weight of carry-on items is typically negligible as long as no passenger gets carried away with the idea.

– Most importantly, we need to know the time period within which you need your quote. It takes time to properly plan your trip and account for the variables that must be considered. It does you no good if we cannot plan your trip before you must actually embark on it. Let us know the timeframe in which you are operating and we will make a good faith effort to see to your needs in a timely manner, matching your schedule requirements as closely as possible.

What’s important to remember is that the charter helicopter experience is unlike any you’ve had before, at least the way we do things at MyPrivateHelicopter. We want you to feel like we are catering to you from the moment you step on board to the moment your feet touch the ground again. Our staff is there to serve you. That means that if you require any special amenities for your travel, including various refreshments, business accessories, or absolutely anything else that can make your trip more enjoyable or worthwhile, we are happy to discuss it with you.

Communication is the key to an accurate quote. Make sure you describe to us your needs and requirements in as much detail as you possibly can. That way we can tailor our quote to you and you travel scenario. At MyPrivateHelicopter, your satisfaction with your trip is our business. We aren’t satisfied until you are.