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Miami Helicopter Charter

A sultry warm-weather paradise that is also the heart of an amazing night life and daily entertainment scene, the city of Miami is a great place to tour by helicopter and then, when you’re back on the ground, up close and in person. Among the great attractions available in Miami are the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Wings over Miami Air Museum, Magic City Casino, and the Martin Z. Margulies Sculpture Park. There’s also Dade Cultural Center, which houses the Miami Art Museum and the Historical Museum of Southern Florida. Soak in some local culture at the Cuba Tobacco Cigar Company, or while away the day at Pinecrest Gardens. If you’re looking for family friendly activities, Miami is home to the Zoological Wildlife Foundation, Safari Adventure, and Zoo Miami. There are numerous theaters, too, and ample opportunity to see plenty of great shows… to say nothing of all the beach fun to be had in sun-soaked Miami. Book your Miami helicopter charter today!

Miami is also one of the world’s premier party cities. Songs are sung of this glittering jewel on the shores of the Atlantic. This is also one of the most heavily populated cities in the country, boasting more than four hundred thousand residents. The greater Miami area is one of the United States’ biggest urban centers, and that greater area encompasses five million people. Culture, business, and entertainment all thrive in Miami, which is an international trade center and also a highly ranked city in terms of sustainable development and cleanliness. Miami is also very culturally diverse. A majority of Miami residents speak Spanish, and of course the city has a very sizable Cuban-born and Cuban-descended population thanks to the city’s proximity to the island nation of Cuba. There are quite a few very prominent banking concerns based in Miami, and Miami is also a hub of biotechnological development and innovative medical technology. Interestingly, and perhaps without surprise, Miami is also the cruising capital of the United States. No, not cruising in automobiles: Cruising in cruise ships! As a port city, Miami has some of the biggest vessels anywhere docked in its port, and freight and passenger ships move in and out of the port of Miami day and night. You know that China is one of the biggest exporters of goods to the United States, but you may not know that most of that cargo comes into the United States through Miami.

Miami is a City Rich in History

At one time, what is now Miami in southern Florida was home to the Tequesta Indians. The Tequestas lived in the area for many centuries, centering near the Miami River. In the sixteenth century, the area was claimed for Spain and a Spanish mission was established. From that point, both Great Britain and Spain asserted some degree of control over the area. It was Spain that relinquished control of the Miami area to the United States in the nineteenth century, and eventually the United States established a Fort called fort Dallas. This was part of a campaign to displace the Seminole Indians in the area and eventually lead to wars with the Seminole people.

Later in the Nineteenth Century, as recounted in Wikipedia, the Florida East Railway Company invested in significant development in Florida and the Miami area, and Miami – taking its name from the river on which it sat – became a city just before the dawn of the twentieth century. It was during the 1900s that a number of American citizens from northern states moved to Florida, which saw a boom in the Miami area during the roaring twenties. Near the end of the twenties a hurricane devastated the region, and the Great Depression of the 1930s also caused considerable hardship where development of Miami was concerned. This all changed, though, with the advent of the second World War. Because Miami was strategically positioned in the southern United States and on the coast to boot, it was a natural location for defending the United States from German u-boats.

When Fidel Castro came to power in the 1950s, Cuban-born people began to flock to the United States. The city of Miami swelled in population, and its economy grew as well. Both legal and illegal immigrants, including those from Haiti and Central America, continued to grow the population of the area. There was an economic boom in the 1980s that was followed by the economic troubles of the 1990s. Drugs and crime briefly came into Miami, which was a problem for a while, but that problem has since been successfully beaten back. Today, Miami is once again a thriving hub of commerce, international finance, art, and business, which reflects well on Miami’s culture and on the nature of the people who live in this sun-soaked city.

Miami’s warm, sunny, beautiful weather stays sunny and fabulous for most of the year. Outdoor activities shine, and what better way to get around the city and to those activities than by private chartered helicopter? Among the many options available to you are sailing, fishing, scuba diving, enjoying the sun and the scenery at the beach, and taking part in everything from beach sports to Miami’s considerable nightlife. Clubs and other tourist attractions abound, both outdoors and indoors, both by day and by night. The port city of Miami is right at sea level (which it would have to be), so the average temperature during what northerners would consider the winter months is pretty much in the seventies all the time. The temperatures spike during the warmer months and can land upwards of 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and these are also usually very wet times off and on, but there is no shortage of sun here in Miami. Unfortunately, the trade off for this gorgeous Florida weather is the occasional hurricane, the season for which stretches from summer through to the winter. The National Hurricane Center is located in Miami for this very reason.

As you can imagine, Miami is well known for its tourism. The city boasts multiple festivals, sandy beaches, and convention halls. Many festivals are held there as well. The city’s financial district is home to multiple international banking concerns. There are car shows, food and wine festivals, arts festivals, and even the Florida Grand opera. Concert halls and theaters can be found throughout Miami. These include multiple playhouses, operas, and orchestras. There is plenty of local music, and Miami has established its cultural place in the world with its cultural contributions to music forms like conga and rumba. The “Miami sound” is well known and established on the music scene, both locally and across the country (and around the world). Immigrants to Miami from areas like the Caribbean have brought steel drum, reggae, and calypso music to Miami, too.

Contemporary music is also well established in Miami. Rapper Pitbull, who is immensely prolific, harkens to Miami, and other groups like Rick Ross, Freak Nasty, and 2 Live Crew are from Miami. There is also the Miami Sound Machine and even the Bee Gees. But the most obvious contribution to nightlife and music culture in Miami are the city’s nightclubs. The city has gained itself a well-earned reputation for raves, clubbing, and music festivals, which range from dance and electronic to party music and other specialty sounds. Among the other tourist attractions in Miami are a number of art museums and family friendly locations, including the Miami-Dade Cultural Center, the Miami Science Museum, the Miami Art Museum, and the Children’s Museum.

Just the skyline of Miami is worth looking at. Many high-rise buildings have grown over the years, and Miami consistently ranks among the top three skylines in the country (behind Chicago and New York City). The eight tallest building in Florida is in Miami, for example, and the Port of Miami and Miami Airport see plenty of tourist traffic. Millions of passengers come through the Port of Miami alone.

Economically, Miami is a powerhouse. Its gross metropolitan product is in the top ten among United States cities. Multiple giant corporations call Miami home. These include multiple cruise lines, Benihana, and Bacardi. The cruise lines include Caribbean Cruise Line, Seaborn Cruise Lines, Carnival Cruise Lines, and Celebrity Cruises. This makes perfect sense, the Port of Miami lends itself so well to warm-weather cruises. Miami and is warm weather, sunny days, and beautiful women has, in fact, become somewhat synonymous with the cruise lifestyle, encouraging tourists to book their cruises from Miami and make visiting the city part of their vacation experience while they are at it. Quite a few companies with ties to Latin America also operate from Miami because of the close geographic proximity.

To get around Miami, you have your pick of multiple modes of transportation… but all of them pale in comparison to booking your own private chartered helicopter. These lesser options include public transportation in the form of the Metrorail, the Tri-Rail, and the Metromover. The Metrorail is an elevated train similar to the one found in the Chicago area. There is also the Metrobus. Most residents of the city of Miami use some form of public transportation regularly.

Traveling by car in Miami offers more freedom but is arguably as slow as traveling by bus, owing to the heavy traffic of this busy city. Roads in Miami are largely logically planned, which means you have a grid system that makes it easier to interpret where you are headed and how you are trying to get there. Roads that follow the grid pattern typically end in “street,” while those that aren’t are termed “roads.” It’s relatively easy, therefore, to navigate even a bustling city like Miami by map. Still, the best way to get around Miami, for business or pleasure, is always going to be by private chartered helicopter. There is so much to see and do in this remarkable city!
Once on Miami’s streets, you’ll find the unique flavor and character of Miami’s many neighborhoods are part of what makes it so interesting to explore. There are many people who are descendants of immigrants from Cuba. Quite a few of the residents of Miami speak Spanish. Even spoken English is a little unusual in Miami, as the city has a unique dialect all its own in some cases. This is due in some form to the influence of Spanish speakers on the area, but there’s also a lot of distinct local charm involved. There is a great deal to see and do once out and about in the city, and this includes a variety of tourist and other human interest attractions no matter what time of the day or night it happens to be. The melting pot of cultures in the Miami area means that several cultures come together in the area to offer distinct food (such as the “Floribbean” cuisine, a blend of Florida and the Caribbean). There is also plentiful fresh seafood, as you’re on the Atlantic coast and surrounded by awesome options when it comes to the cuisine of the sea. Then there is also little Havana, where can sample authentic Cuban food and enjoy local delights like croquetas and the “medianoche,” a Cuban sandwich.

If you are a sports fan, there’s more than enough sports action to go around in Miami. There is always the Miami Hurricanes to see, for example. The Miami Heat is Miami’s National Basketball League team, while the famous Miami Dolphins are the city’s football team. If you like the NHL, there’s the Florida panthers. There have also been some significant car races in Miami, including the Indy Challenge and the Grand Prix. The Miami Marlins and Florida Panthers also call Miami home.

Entertainment in Miami is also plentiful. We encourage you to get around the city by private chartered helicopter, but once you’re on the ground again, there’s plenty to enjoy. Even the city has itself figured prominently in popular culture and entertainment. Telemundo, the Spanish-speaking network, has its headquarters in Miami. Miami is also known for televisions shows like “Miami Vice” and for many movies set there, which either present the city as a distinct and flavorful setting, or almost like a character itself in the dramas that unfold. There’s more to Miami than its indelible mark on popular culture, though. The popular video game, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City takes place in a slightly “warped” version of Miami. Miami is also prominent in much of 1980s movies and other material.

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