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Welcome to MyPrivateHelicopter, your premier source for chartered air transportation. What is a chartered helicopter flight? It is nothing less than your very own private helicopter transportation, piloted at your request and under your authority. You, as the customer, have the final say in where the helicopter goes, and how often it does so. And while this may seem like something only the wealthiest customers can afford, the type of luxury afforded to millionaires, billionaires, and high-powered corporate executives, the fact is that chartered helicopter transportation is actually very accessible to almost anyone.

We provide chartered small aircraft transport for you and your party to select destinations as determined ahead of time in communication with you. When you contact one of our agents and initiate the process of generating a quote, you help us to get to know your transportation needs so that we can tailor our solution to those requirements. You will find that flying by charter is perhaps the best transportation experience you will have moving from Point A to Point B. This is because flying by chartered helicopter offers you certain benefits over other, more traditional methods of transportation.

Travel According to Your Schedule, Not Theirs

How many times have you desperately sought to book a commercial flight, only to be frustrated by flight delays? Have you ever experienced what it’s like to be stuck on a delayed or late flight, or worse, trapped on the tarmac while your gate is waiting to be cleared so you can debark your plane, only to watch the precious minutes available to catch your connecting flight tick away while time is wasted? How many of us truly enjoy the feeling of being squeezed into the types of small-plane cattle cars that pass for coach or business-class lodging on many commercial flights? The fact is, the cost of commercial air travel is going up, and the availability of flights is going down, as the entire air industry suffers from a series of issues that have plagued it for more than a decade. Invasive security screenings, rude staff, and overall poor conditions aboard commercial flights have made air travel something most people don’t enjoy, but the worst part of it is that when you fly commercially, you fly completely at the mercy of the giant companies running the show.

Even if you do, by some miracle, catch your flight on time, and catch your connecting flight on time, you’re still dancing to the tune called out by the big companies that run commercial airlines. Lengthy layovers where you have nothing, really, to do but wait in airports, and departure or arrival times that don’t match what is convenient for you, are the biggest part of this specific problem. There’s no way to arrive fresh and ready at your destination when you had to get up at four in the morning to clear security and make a flight, then sit through lengthy layover, then land in cramped cabin where you then kept waiting on the tarmac for no understandable reason.

None of these problems exist when you fly by charter. A chartered helicopter flight departs and arrives according to YOUR schedule. Not only can you set your schedule, and therefore your cost and time expectations, by discussing your logistical needs beforehand with us, but if something changes, you can always communicate these changes with us and we can work something out to further accommodate you.

What does all this add up to? It means a very significant savings in travel time to you. Unlike with commercial flights, there is no wasted time (unless you choose to build that into the schedule, in which case it isn’t ‘wasted’ at all). Instead of waiting around for commercial flights to become available, or dealing with disruptions to your schedule caused by previously unannounced changes when commercial flights are canceled or delayed. Being able to control your schedule, and not operating at the mercy of a major commercial airline’s whims, is a tremendous benefit to you. It all but eliminates wasted time and lets you focus on what you’re trying to do, rather than how you’re trying to get there.

Of course, this says nothing of the time savings achieved over driving. Many people choose to drive for the same reasons that you would find chartered helicopter transportation desirable. When you drive, you travel according to your schedule. You control the travel conditions, you control the environment, and if you want to stop or take a detour, you do. The major disadvantage of driving is of course the comparative amount of time it takes to make your way overland to your destination. A car ride of a few hours is tolerable to most. When a car ride of, say, twelve or thirteen hours is compared to a flight that is a fraction of that total time, people’s attitudes change considerably.

Well, flying by chartered helicopter gives you the best of both worlds. You travel according to your schedule and more or less under your control (you are not actually driving, but your pilot will readily respond to your requests and feedback, and we will gladly accommodate you within reason regarding your travel requests). Yet instead of inching along the highways, sometimes stuck in traffic jams or dealing with road construction, you are soaring above it all. You can take in the sights from up there and truly enjoy your flight. Can you say the same the same of commercial air travel? Sure, you can see the sights from up there… if you’re lucky enough to get a window seat. Of course, you may have to contend with an obnoxious seat-mate and you may only be able to see clouds and a portion of wing tip, but it’s all worth it for the time savings… right?

Discard everything you think you know about commercial air travel. Chartered flights give the control and flexibility of driving while also offering you the speed of air travel… with none of the headaches associated with either of those modes of transportation.

Sight-See As You like

Another major problem of flying on a commercial airline’s schedule is that you don’t get a chance to really see the sights, even if you go to some truly adventurous or exotic locations. If you fly for business, how many cities have you been to, cities that any person in your family would be happy to visit… only to spend your time largely in the airport, then in a series of conference rooms, and then in the airport again? When you fly commercial, there simply isn’t time to enjoy the process and the destination. You are simply trying like crazy to get where you need to go, and hopefully in enough time that you can accomplish what you came for.

When you fly through MyPrivateHelicopter, we accommodate your sightseeing needs to whatever extent you are willing to share them. When we help plan your trip, not only can you tell us what sights you would like us to incorporate into your flight plan, but our helpful staff will gladly assist you in adding other destinations and attractions to your itinerary. With us overseeing your charter flight, you can truly enjoy yourself, knowing that sight seeing and savoring the destination to which you are traveling is all accounted for as part of your flight time and travel path.

Cost-Effective Transportation

One thing most people don’t realize is that chartered helicopter transportation is actually more cost-effective, not less, when compared to commercial air travel. If you do a significant amount of travel by air, you are not accounting for many of the hidden costs of flying commercial. Your time has value. The time you lose while getting to and from your destination, likewise, costs you money. Having to force your itinerary into a box created by the commercial airlines similarly costs you money — in some cases, purely through quality of life. Your quality of life has a financial value attached to it. How much is your comfort worth? How much is your frustration worth? How much is your anxiety worth? Any and all of these are common emotions when dealing with commercial air travel and the traditional model of flying commercial.

Imagine casting all of that aside in favor of a method of transportation that actually saves you all those hidden costs by not incorporating them. You lose none of the time in waste or discomfort. And by never incurring those hidden costs, the cost per mile dramatically decreases.

Amenities Per Your Request

Would you like something special for your flight? Is there some form of in-flight entertainment, refreshments, business materials, or anything else that would enhance the quality of your flight while allowing you to get done what you need to get done en route to your destination? MyPrivateHelicopter prides itself on responsiveness to your needs. Just let us know what you require. We will make every effort to comply with your reasonable requests. At MyPrivateHelicopter, giving you the best flight of your life is our goal, from the first time to the next time, every time.

Book by the Seat

Don’t need an entire helicopter to yourself? No problem. We offer the ability to purchase individual seats on any of our helicopters. How does it work? Either purchase a seat on a shared charter, or initiate your own charter offer your extra seats for others to purchase. Just contact us for more details.

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